Motorcycles Timeline

Over the years I’ve had a few motorcycles. Here you can get a glimpse of each one.

1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic

On June 21, 2000 I brought home my brand new 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic. I was so happy to see that my dealer had a leftover that my eyes just lit right up. I had thought that by the time I was ready for a bike this size I would no longer be able to get the color I really wanted since it changes every year. I hoped that when I was ready, Kawasaki would have come up with another color that caught my eye as much. To my delight I didn’t have to wait for another color!

You see, I wanted to move up to a bigger bike but decided I should just wait until had had some more experience. So the idea of a bigger bike became a ‘someday’ dream. I made all my arrangements to go to Bike Week in Laconia, NH with VROC again and sat in eager anticipation of the impending festivities. As was done in the prior year we had a raffle, but this year was different. This year, Joe, the VROCer who put together the raffle, worked his tail off and had tons of goodies! The grand prize was a Roadhouse Brand exhaust system for a Vulcan 1500/800. Much to my surprise I won the exhaust system....but I only had a 750.....

This became the incentive to trade up to the 1500. Besides, my 750 was in need of tires and an oil change..... grin


Sadly I must bid farewell to my beloved Classic. On March 28, 2006 due to extremely poor road conditions I went into a slide which resulted in the untimely demise of my bike.

I was coming out of NH along Rt 32 enjoying what had been a great ride thus far and thinking about stopping for a bite to eat soon. I then crossed the state line back into MA when the road condition deteriorated quickly. I started into a left hand turn (slight turn really) and apparently while trying to avoid the numerous potholes and frost heaves I hit sand at the side of the roadway. I then came off the shoulder into even more sand must have braked. This action ejected me from the bike and sent it flipping over and finally coming to rest about 12 ft off the side of the road. I came to rest about 5 ft from the bike. To give you an idea of just how quickly this all took place, my bike came to rest a mere 210 ft from the state line. I had been travelling at approximately 40 mph as I came out of NH (which incidentally is the speed limit).

My helmet had come off at some point and sat in the road like a beacon for the woman whom came by the scene a short time later. Seeing my helmet in the road prompted her to stop and she called 911. I was then taken by ambulance back up the road into NH where they put me into a Life Flight helicopter and flew me back into Worcester, MA to UMass, where they have a ‘Level I’ trauma center. After lots of x–rays and other tests I learned that I thankfully escaped with only a broken ankle and the need for lots of physical therapy.

I will once again be riding in the not so distant future so keep an eye on the site for my new ride.

Specifications  -

Engine type 4–stroke V–Twin, SOHC, 8–valve
Displacement 1470cc (89.7 cu in.)
Compression Ratio 8.6:1
Bore x stroke 102.0 x 90.0 mm (4.02 x 3.54 in.)
Cooling Liquid
Carburetion Keihin CVK40
Ignition Digital with Throttle Responsive Ignition Control (K–TRIC)
Transmission 5–speed, constant mesh, return shift
Clutch Type Wet, multi–disc
Final Drive Shaft
Frame Double cradle, high–tensile steel
Rake/trail 32 degrees/4.8 inches
Suspension type, front 41mm hydraulic telescopic fork
Suspension type, rear Dual hydraulic shocks
Suspension adjustments, rear 5–way preload adjustment
Wheel Travel, front 5.9 inches
Wheel Travel, rear 3.4 inches
Tire, front 130/90x16 tube type
Tire, rear 150/80x16 tube type
Brakes, front/rear Single hydraulic disc/Disc
Overall Length 98.43 inches
Overall Width 37.99 inches
Overall Height 43.31 inches
Ground Clearance 4.92 inches
Seat height 27.6 inches
Dry weight 644 pounds
Fuel capacity 4.2 gallons
Wheelbase 65.35 inches
Color Pearl Chateau Gray/Pearl Alpine White

I took some pictures at a nearby reservoir to show what she looks like stock. I think these photos do more justice than the brochure shot above.


Here’s a picture of my 1500 taken by my friend Steve. In this shot, I have already added a passenger backrest.


I finally got some pictures taken showing how my bike looks now with some accessories on. These were taken August 6, 2001.


I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go. This was taken when I arrived at work one morning.


These pictures were taken in June 2005 just after a long day of cleaning.


Accessories  -

Here is a list of the accessories I have added to further personalize my bike and add a bit of sparkle. grin Click on the next to any accessory for a photo of that accessory installed on my bike.

I have provided links to all the manufacturers and vendors that have a presence on the web which will open in a separate window for your convenience.

Item Manufacturer Qty Stock # Vendor Installed Photo
Passenger Backrest Kawasaki 1 K53043-062 Performance Cycles July 8, 2000 Picture
Support Plates
(for above backrest)
Kawasaki 1 set K53021-090A Performance Cycles July 8, 2000  
Chrome Inner Engine Cover Kawasaki 1 K53020-196M SKY Cycle August 5, 2000 Picture
Chrome Drive Shaft Cover Kawasaki 1 K53020-125 Andretti Powersports August 5, 2000 Picture
Frame Junction Cover Kawasaki 1 K53020-192 Andretti Powersports August 5, 2000 Picture
Saddlebag Supports Kawasaki 1 set K53021-093 Performance Cycles August 8, 2000  
Engine Guard Kawasaki 1 K32000-032 Performance Cycles August 10, 2000 Picture
Roadhouse Brand Classic Exhaust Roadhouse Brand 1 56-100 Roadhouse Brand September 16, 2000 Picture
Shark Fin Exhaust Tip Roadhouse Brand 1 50-130 Roadhouse Brand September 16, 2000  
Factory Pro Jet Kit Factory Pro 1 56-301 Roadhouse Brand September 16, 2000  
Footboard Fringe Kit Harley Davidson 1 50206-98 American Harley September 21, 2000 Picture
Chrome Indicator Light Panel Kawasaki 1 K53020-099 Andretti Powersports March 24, 2001 Picture
Chrome Water Pump Cover Kawasaki 1 K53020-193 Andretti Powersports March 24, 2001 Picture
Mustang Wide Vintage 3–piece Seat Mustang 1 79211 A–1 Sports Center April 7, 2001 Picture
Mustang Contoured Sissy Bar pad Mustang 1 75288 A–1 Sports Center April 9, 2001  
Chrome Headlight Visor Kawasaki 1 K53020-121 Andretti Powersports April 8, 2001 Picture
Pilot Cruise Pegs w/Offsets Küryakyn 1 pr 4436   April 8, 2001  
Rectifier Mount Cover Kawasaki 1 K53020-121 Hooksett Kawasaki June 14, 2001 Picture
Chrome Choke Knob Cover Kawasaki 1 K53020-172 Hooksett Kawasaki June 14, 2001 Picture
Wolo ‘Airsplitter’ Air Horns Wolo Mfg. 1 Model 415 VIP Discount Auto Ctr July 7, 2001 Picture
Drag Specialties 4x1 Pullback Risers Drag Specialties 1 DS-290125 Sherm’s Cycle Products August 9, 2001 Picture
Drag Specialties Handlebar Clamp Drag Specialties 1 DS-290600 Sherm’s Cycle Products August 9, 2001  
EMGO Buffalo Grips (150mm x 1") EMGO 1 42-90954 Chips Motorcycle Clinic September 8, 2001 Picture
Large Windshield (clear) Kawasaki 1 K46001-019A Andretti Powersports March 17, 2002 Picture
Light Bar Kawasaki 1 K32001-001A SKY Cycle May 24, 2002 Picture
Spider’s Den Saddlebags Spider’s Den 1 pr 2900-BK Series Leather Accessories Connexion May 25, 2002 Picture
Easy Brackets Easy Brackets 1 pr VC-R1 Leather Accessories Connexion May 25, 2002  
Spotlight Visors Kawasaki 1 pr K53020-122 Hooksett Kawasaki June 16, 2003 Picture
Speedometer Cowl Kawasaki 1 K53020-225 Hooksett Kawasaki June 23, 2003 Picture
Swingarm Cover Kawasaki 1 K53020-152 Hooksett Kawasaki June 23, 2003  
Front Fender Trim Kawasaki 1 K53020-127A HK Powersports June 18, 2004 Picture
Rear Rack Kawasaki 1 K53020-066A HK Powersports June 30, 2004 Picture
Passenger Footpeg Mounts Kawasaki 1 pr K53030-002 Andretti Powersports April 21, 2005  
Passenger Floorboards Kawasaki 1 pr K46000-410 Andretti Powersports April 21, 2005  
Chrome Lower Fork Legs Kawasaki 1 pr K53030-004 Kawasaki May 12, 2005 Picture
Vance & Hines Classic II Exhaust Vance & Hines 1 19367 A–1 Sports Center June 3, 2005 Picture
Billet Front Axle Nut Covers Kawasaki 1 K53020-107 HK Powersports June 19, 2005  
Chrome License Plate Panel Kawasaki 1 K53020-104 HK Powersports September 18, 2005