Cars Timeline

Over the years I’ve had many cars. From simply driving for enjoyment to the need for utility each one was special in some way. Here you can get a glimpse of each one.

1985 Pontiac 6000

Here it is, my very first car! I believe it was in September of 1991 that I bought this car from my parents. There were no power options or A/C. It did have an after–market sunroof though which helped on those hot summer days. This was the base model 6000 with a 4–cylinder 2.5 liter engine under the hood. Oh yeah, she was cookin’ the tires. LOL!

Unfortunately my days with her were numbered. Within about 4 months I had an accident which totaled the car. I had hit a telephone pole after spinning around 360°. I got out relatively unscathed but there was no hope for the car. The frame had been bent and there was considerable damage to the engine and dash area.